1month old!

It’s hard to believe a month has flown by. My fantasy of having a perfectly clean house, making gourmet meals and having time to write, learn photoshop, and get back into shape has been replaced with the reality of dirty diapers, a crying cutie, and constant feedings (can we say 18 feeds in 24 hours!!), not to mention a nasty case of mastitis which had me shivering under the covers wondering how it could be so “cold” when it was so hot outside.

I did, I confess, have big plans of cleaning the bathrooms today (yes…never the neat freak I am trying to instill order into our lives by having a cleaning schedule). Max, who is going through a 1-month I love my mommy and I need to be held 24 hours a day had other plans. Rather than spraying nasty chemicals and trying to clean with him in a baby wrap (who am I kidding, I am not that much of a keen cleaner) we sat in front of the computer (and my back is killing from the awkward holding a baby and trying to type angle), and I decided to get this thing up and going. In the coming weeks/months/years I hope to chronicle my adventures with Mr. Max, as well as share stories about a few of my favourite things (cooking, traveling, the great ourdoors to name a few).

Talking about a few of my favourite things, we just had a DELICIOUS fennel, grape and gorgonzola salad which I will share with you soon. In the meantime, dishes time (my lovely husband is on diaper duty for the evening, which I guess leaves me to do the dishes!!

P.S (be prepared for spelling mistake and one handed typing entries….puh-lease don’t judge!! Its what having a baby and multi-tasking is all about!!