After a glorious 4 hours of sleep for round 1, followed by a fussy and broken round 2, I finished feeding Max around 5:45 and got a wonderful idea looking out at the clear blue skies (it was +7). There was no point going back to bed for a short 45 minutes. On Wednesday I got the “go-ahead” from my midwife to start exercising. No better time than the present I thought. I threw Max back in bed with Rob and announced that I was going for a run. I quickly changed, trying to pull my running shirt over my bulge that did not exist 10 months ago, while pulling my pants up as high as they would go in the hopes of covering up the pregnancy flab. I grabbed my I-Pod, marveled at the fact that it was actually charged, and ran down the stairs. Those of you who know me well would not be surprised by what happened next. No running shoes. “oh-yeah” I thought, “I left them at mom’s 2 weeks ago and thought I had another pair here.” With a wave of disappointment I went upstairs, glanced in my closet – not there, and headed towards the dreaded storage closet. Once the nursery had been transformed into a tornado zone with all the contents of the closet spewed about (and no shoes to be found), Rob wandered in with Max, groggy and pretending that he didn’t mind that I had created a disaster, and that I had woke him (and a sleeping baby) up. “I’m looking for my shoes” I whined. “Did you check the closet?” Rob asked. “Yah” I sulked. Rob wandered out, delivered me my shoes 30 seconds later, and confirmed that they were indeed in the closet…..

30 minutes later, I was out loving the cool morning air. After a month of worrying about “the stitches” and my shrinking uterus before I even dreamed of going for a run, a new problem smacked me in the face. I had exploded from a size B to an F/G. Yesterday when looking for a nursing bra, and asking for a larger size, I was informed that the company didn’t make any larger than the one I had one….go go power milk….so back to running….

My legs felt surprisingly good, but I realized as I jogged along, my feet slowly getting soaked by the morning dew on the long grass on the trails behind our house, that I couldn’t see my feet thanks to the new weight/growth on my chest. I hadn’t even contemplated the fact that this change in my body would make running so incredibly awkward (if anything I was sure the fact that I hadn’t run in 8 months would make running incredibly awkward). I’m not necessarily a runner who spends the workout staring down at my feet, but, I had never realized before that with every step I would see my toes in my flashy pink running shoes somewhere in my peripheral vision. They were gone….left behind as I seemed to propel myself forward with my chest rather than my legs which were trailing unseen behind me.

It wasn’t necessarily a bad run as a bit of alone time and fresh morning air was glorious, but there was definitely a realization that bouncing sports will prove to be a challenge in the coming months while breastfeeding the little guy! I probably won’t be winning any races, unless there is a breastfeeding momma’s running league. Something tells me most new mom’s are smart enough to go back to bed at 6 AM rather than even contemplate an early morning awkward jog so I may be on my own.

On to packing for road trip number two before Max wakes up!!