I admit I am on the verge of something between tears and anger this morning, and it has nothing to do with the fact that the Canucks lost the cup.  It would have been nice to bring the cup home to Canada, but waking up to images in the globe and mail of rioting and destruction in Vancouver makes me sick.

I know that the majority of hockey fans in Canada aren’t responsible for the destruction and injuries caused.  I am hoping that my sister’s 5 stores in Vancouver remained unharmed, but why why why do some people use an event that should have simply resulted in celebration or disappointment as an excuse for violence and destruction?

I had the absolute joy and honour of teaching hockey in Ladakh, in Northern India. The people there who are extremely poor and sitting within Kashmir have  legitimate fears that we couldn’t even imagine.  Hockey is used as a tool to have children and adults of differing background (socio econmic, muslim/ buddhist) come together and realize that the other isnt that different and that they can play and work together for a goal.  It was also used to teach inclusiveness with disabled skaters (they can do this too).   I miss the purity of the game that I saw in Ladakh and wonder if sport can ever return to that. What happened to loosing gracefully? and being a good sport? What kind of lessons does his teach?  And yes, I am hoping that it was not the true Canucks fans that acted like this, simply a bunch of imbeciles seeking out violence – but it breaks my heart to see that this is what sport, and our country’s passtime has brought us to.   If I were on the other side of the world, I would be shaking my head thinking what fools these Canadians are simply using losing a hockey game as an excuse to  burn cars and riot, yet they can’t even step away from their TV sets to vote in significant numbers.