You’ve just fed your little one, and you decide that it might be a good time to get some groceries for dinner (because somewhere between feeding and changing diapers, one does need to eat). Of course all is fine until you are half way through the store, the cart filled, and your little one, lets call him Max, starts whimpering.  You wander, looking for a few more items, and the whimpering turns into a cry. You just need one more thing,  (which of course is no where to be found, not to mention all of the things you’ve forgotton but won’t realize until later), so you  decide that you can just finish shopping, and get to the car, rather than leave a grocery filled cart and find some germ infested public washroom for feeding. That is, of course, when the crying turns into a full out screaming, heads start turning and the advice starts coming in.  All in the course of a simple trip to the grocery store (Please tell me this doesn’t just happen to me!!).

Now, I am trying to stay calm, and focused on getting out of the store, while ignoring the “this woman should not be a mother” looks as well as the ones that say “I’ve been there before”. And if I had a dollar for everytime someone asked me if I was a first time mom, I would never need to go back to work (really is it that obvious??) In my hurry I have not one, not two, not even three, but four people come up to me and offer to “help”.  I try to be polite, while comforting Max, and bee-lining for the checkout. Getting out of the store as quick as possible would really be the best solution for us all. Of course, their offer for help (as kind as it is), is really just the opening for a 15 minute conversation “maybe your kid is crying because his tongue is tied…my kids had tied tongues, 2 of the 5 of them, blah blah blah…I was a lactation consultant, are you sure he is getting enough milk?  (um, the kid feeds every hour, and is gaining a pound a week, at his rate he’ll be 60 pounds by the time he is 1) Yes he is getting enough milk!

So I pick Max up, trying to comfort him (try steering a grocery (and beer yay Quebec) heavy cart with one hand). I may be struggling, but I am determined to get out of the store. I speed wobble to the cash, and put Max back into his car seat as I try to unload the cart (would I be a better mom if I dropped everything to comfort him??) Or better yet, I think next time, I am going to just plop myself somewhere between the lettuce and tomatoes and start feeding….now that is mom of the year material.

We get out of the store and into the car, I settle Max down, and of course he is not even hungry and as soon as we start driving he is out cold. And yes…after all that, I forgot the bacon and there is no way I am going back for it.