So far, Max has been an incredibly good traveler!  Seeing as we have our tickets booked for a visit to Vancouver, and road trip through the rockies, I hope it stays that way!

Last weekend we hit up Tremeblant with my mom, and grandparents, aka grandma and great-grandparents to Max.  I think I can speak for all of us when I say we had a fantastic time! Max even set records for sleeping the most hours through the night!

Although Tremblant does have its “European Disneyland Charm”, it was a great summer getaway, and I would highly recommend it to families, couples, just about anyone.  It was great to get away, and not worry about the “to do” list!

Although it was nice and relaxing for Rob, me, and my grandparents, my amazing mother was there to compete in a 58 km trail run….and yes, of course she kicked butt and won her category (not to mention was the oldest person male or female to finish). They only climbed to the summit of Tremblant about 4 times!  Craziness! I can’t even run for 20 minutes without stopping anymore! I am tired just thinking of it!

Proudly Max had encounters with his first black flies, (who ate mommy alive), had his first Gondola Ride , and was carried on his first 9km hike!  We are looking forward to our next advenure! For now, its Dad and Sue visiting this weekend, and Rob’s dad Vince coming down for Canada day.  Prince William and Kate are Ottawa bound, so Max and I may venture out so he can grace the Royals with HIS presence 😉