We tried our ice cream maker (Kitchen Aid attachment – thanks Mel and Hector for the great wedding present!) this weekend and dare I say the result was quite fabulous (my first time making ice cream!).  With some left over coconut cream (which I opened instead of coconut milk) for Friday’s Thai Beef Curry, we thought, why not coconut ice cream.

 From our limited experience, ice cream/sorbet recipes are incredibly flexible so feel free to adjust this according to your taste.

I need to get better at writing down recipes as I go, but here is this one (as I recall)


2 cans coconut cream (next time we’ll give coconut milk a try and see how it goes).

1 cup sweetened coconut

1/2 cup coffee cream

4 tbsp malibu rum

1/2 cup sugar (feel free to adjust for taste.  1/2 cup will result in a not overly sweet ice cream).


1/2 cup toasted coconut

lime zest

1/2 cup crushed cashews.


1. Mix together the above ingredients. Make sure they are chilled below room temperature (if the ingredients aren’t cold prior to mixing, place mixture in the fridge for 20 minutes).

2. Once chilled, pour mixture into ice cream maker and follow the manufacturers directions.

3.  Toast coconut by placing it in a frying pan at a medium temperature.  Continue shaking/stirring until lightly browned.  Remove from heat, and set aside. Crush cashews and also set aside (note salted cashews work just fine). As you devour the ice cream throughout the week, you may need to top up your supply of crushed cashews and toasted coconut.

3. If you prefer “soft serve” you can enjoy almost immediately, otherwise, refrigerate for several hours (as per ice cream maker’s manufacturing instructions). You may need to leave the ice cream at room temperature for a few minutes prior to serving in order to soften it.

4.  Dish out ice cream and top with toasted coconut, a sprinkle of cashews, and a bit of lime zest.

5. Enjoy!!