I keep hearing over and over again that breastfeeding (oops, I accidentally wrote “beastfeeding” the first time) burns 500 calories extra a day. I’m not eating any worse than I ever did, but being stuck at the same weight since about 2 weeks postpartum (and exercising several times a week), time to shake things up a little.  I would really love to be able to squeeze into my suits in the case I have to do interviews for my job in September.

Seeing as I am in the worst shape I’ve ever been in my life (and I feel like that is by no means an exaggeration), I realize that I really need to take this slow (ie no 3 hour runs, or 3 workouts a day), so to start me (which has thankfully turned into us – Rob is extremely supportive and following right along) we are tackling 5 days of waking up at 6 for an hour of yoga (if you don’t know about Yoga Today check it out – http://www.yogatoday.com. It is a series of over 200 online yoga classes.  There is a free one every week, or you can subscribe for about 10 dollars a month – I am not a crazy yoga girl, but I do recognize the benefits, and it is perfect for where my body is at right now), as well as 5 days of very healthy eating!

So far so good for day 1.  Rob who is by no means a morning person, dragged my butt out of bed this morning. Max cooperated and after a quick feeding dozed off long enough for us to go through the work out which after rollerskiing for the first time yesterday proved much more difficult than I would have imagined (considerable whining on my part)!!  On the point of rollerskiing, we have started taking Max out in his Chariot which is completely fantastic for both Momma and Max. He seems to be adoring his ride, and it lets me get out for some exercise.  Yesterday, Rob pushed Max in the Chariot, and I huffed and puffed and looked like a goof rollerskiing.

With regards to the healthy eating portion the plan is  no processed foods, refined sugars or wheat.  I asked Rob to hide the chocolate, and we spent Sunday afternoon prepping bean salads and home made date/nut rolls (recipe to follow), as well as home made Almond butter with  flax seed oil.

We’ll see how I/we feel after 5 days! I would love to see our perpetually 5 pounds high scale budge just 1 pound by Friday!