I was going to say I was “looking forward to the weekend”, but seeing as motherhood is a 24 hour, lifetime job, there isn’t necessarily an end in sight!  I’ll be happy with a few uncatastrophic days…ok I admit, catastrophic is a bit of an exaggeration, but a few little things have happened which have tweaked my mood, which I have now realized, greatly affects Max…when mommy is mad, Max is sad.

Yesterday, running late for the dentist, the car wouldn’t start.  Not really a big deal, but in a sleep deprived, probably still hormonal state, missing my dentist appointment was about the worse thing that could have happened.  Not knowing my neighbours, and having free roadside assistance, I called for a tow truck and waited.  I know, I know, if that is all I have to complain about in my life, I have it pretty good, but the car not starting put me in a sour mood, which seemed to knock Max off for the entire afternoon. There was NOTHING I could do to please him.  We walked, we bounced, I tried to cook Quinoa an filled the house with smoke and ruined a pot (which I just realized my extremely patient husband must have cleaned and washed for me), I fed him, I hugged him, I played with him, I put him down for a nap. Nothing.  Then, as Rob said he was on his way home from work, I tried one last time to put him down.  He fell asleep instantly, and was a perfect angel for the rest of the evening (that kid loves making a liar out of me).

Today, we made it to the dentist (and wow, best dentist office ever!! The secretary took Max the second he started getting antsy and wandered around the office singing and playing with him).  I picked up Rob’s Lululemon pants, snuck into my favourite store Red Velvet when I drove by and saw “Sale” signs and found a shirt that looks great on me now and will fit me when I loose the pregnancy pounds (of course it wasn’t on sale), and as I was driving home, happy as can be, Max playing around in the back my lovely morning took a little turn for the worst (of course now in retrospect it was no big deal).


So, I was driving through lovely Vanier – anyone from Vanier knows its anything but lovely.  I was in the right lane, and coming up to some signs that indicated road work. With no one in front of me, I took my time, signaled, saw a big brown van behind me clearly, and passed infront of him with a ton of room. For some reason, absolutely unbeknown to me, he decided to honk.   The next thing I knew I was being pulled over for careless driving! The police car behind him had heard him “honk”, had assumed that I had cut him off, which I hadn’t.  Given it was Vanier, my guess would be that it was some drugged out dude that was surprised when my little VW was suddenly in front of him. So, of course when the lady officer made her way over, my stress level rose, and Max started hollering. I tried to be as polite as possible, but , couldn’t BELIEVE I was being pulled over, especially when there was no way that she would have been able to even properly see me pull infront of the van.  Of course being pulled over is no big deal…but I’ve only gotten one ticket in my life, and that was in Montana where I was rightfully speeding (and the cop had the balls to ask me out for a coffee after he had made me drive 20 miles back to some hick town that had a bank machine so I could pay my ticket immediately – duh I was speeding for a reason, and the least you could have done is turn a blind eye to the ticket). Of course, when you have a two month old crying so hysterically that his face is going red and your afraid he is going to stop breathing, simple things like finding your vehicle registration and insurance become a nightmare.

In the end we got off with two warnings…turns out due to the mail strike I haven’t recieved my new insurance slips..lovely, and apparently a perfectly fine lane change is reason for a “dangerous driving warning” – maybe the Ottawa police our on high alert with Kate and Will’s impending visit.

The lesson learned in all this is that it is amazing how much Max’s mood is connected to mine.  If I am happy and relaxed, he is happy and relaxed.  If I am stressed and sad, he is stressed and sad. In order to avoid an afternoon with a sad Max, I decided no chores, just simple mommy and max time until we both were feeling calm and relaxed. It seems to have done the trick, and the little guy is sleeping soundly waiting for his dad to come home and play!