Who would have thought that hiking in the rockies with a 3 month old would have been such an absolute breeze and pleasure! Max happily snoozed away in his manduca carrier while mom and dad tackled some fabulous Rocky Mountain hikes: Annette Lake, Wilcox Pass and the Valley of ten peaks. All were remarkably stunning and Max apparently was setting the record for the youngest hiker in the mountains. At times he seemed as much of an attraction as the turquoise lakes and snow capped mountains with everyone stopping to comment. I think our favorite was that he needed to be “sensitized to nature like a dog to people”. Many seemed to be pleased that we were instilling this sense of a love of nature in him so young ( will he remember??) It did seem to do the trick though. Tonight we were eating inside due to a few bugs and he started to get fussy, we moved our meal outside and he was as happy as could be staring at the green trees and blue skies.

A few downsides of course were the extra 15 pounds of max in the carrier, and the extra 20 pounds I am hauling up mountains. I definitely had my moments of feeling and sounding like a freight train! Also, despite trying to keep him covered, the sun seemed to reach his cheeks at a stange angle, and the little one got a little too much sun on one side.

I will definitely add more to this post later, but to any of you contemplating hiking or taking a trip with your little one – do it! Max may be a remarkably flexible and good natured little one, but we are so pleased at how are trip went! I’ll try to put some hints and tips together in the next few days!