Although the “yoga challenge” went well, I am still officially in the worst shape of my life.  So last week, I decided that I would train for the Gaitneau Loppet – a 52 km cross country ski race taking place in February.  I spent Tuesday putting together a training schedule and am proud to report that 1 week in the weight is dropping and I am feeling pretty good!

Luckily, for the most part, Max likes being in the Chariot – if we time things right he tends to stay awake for the work out and on those glorious days it tuckers him out just enough that when we come him I can put him in his crib just long enough to grab a bite to eat, and if I am lucky maybe even a shower!

Now, training with Max has called for a redefinition of many “classic” exercise terms:

Interval Training:  a “period of increased effort/output for a period of time”, has become “the period of actually doing exercise between  play, smile, and  soother stops.

Long Slow Distance Training: I used to be told that if you were able to carry on a conversation, you were in the right zone. A conversation  has now become renditions of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” or “Itsy Bitsy Spider”.  People used to look at me funny when they passed hearing a particularly juicy piece of gossip between my friends/training partners.  Now, they just wonder why in the world I am singing children’s rhymes to a Chariot.

Strength Training:  Weights?  Who needs weights? Lifting a growing 3 month old (can we say 16 pounds) who doesn’t like to be put down around the house should have me competing with the Arnold of way back when in no time.

Sports Nutrition:  Isn’t this supposed to be about the athlete? Not any more.   Keeping hydrated has nothing to do with drinking from a water bottle, but stopping on the side of the trail, lifting up my shirt, and feeding Max.

Early Morning Training Sessions: Are you crazy?!?  I used to take tremendous pride at my ability to set the alarm, jump out of bed, and be out running in the time it took others to brush their teeth.  The very thought of sacrificing some rare sleep for a workout now seems ridiculous.  Luckily, I have a built in flexible alarm.  If Max wakes up at 6, we go at 6:30, if he wakes up at 8, we go at 8:30.  If he wakes up at 5….I try desperately to get him to go back to bed at least until the sun comes out!

1 week and 3 pounds down….too many to count to go….