I love Max, I really really do. I love feeding him at 12:30, then again at 1:30 then 3:30 then 5:30. And the last few days I’ve loved that he won’t let me put him down. I think the highlight was when I tried to do a workout with him Saturday. He would have absolutely none of it. I tried putting him on the mat, I tried putting him back in his chariot, I even tried to bicep curls with him as the barbell and every effort was met with a high pitched scream that left my ears ringing and the neighbours calling 911 to report child abuse. He simply wanted a very specific view of the world – and since after all he is the boss, he got what he wanted. I threw him over my shoulder so he could watch the grass and pavement go by. Every block I tried to put him in his chariot and he would have none of it, making his wishes known with that scream that suddenly appeared at 3 months. So, I pushed the fancy dancy chariot home, and held him over my shoulders ignoring the looks from all the strangers wondering why I had such a “beau buggy” as it was called the other day, and wasn’t using it, and how in the world could that kid be comfortable thrown over my shoulders like a sack of potatoes.

Fast forward to today. I am trying hard to loose this pregnancy weight and get back into shape (2 weeks and 5 pounds down!!). I really really wanted to get out on my bike and I was terrified that if I took Max out we would have a repeat of yesterday. Then I got an idea! An awful idea, I got A WONDERFUL AWFUL IDEA (ok, it wasn’t that awful, I’ve just been reading too much dr. Seuess). I would go without Max.

I dusted off my bike (I wish I was speaking figuratively but no there was literally a thick layer of dust from its lack of use this summer and last). Knowing that my butt was gonna be sore if I managed to ride for an hour and a half as I planned, I sought out a pair of padded spandex bike shorts and a black cervelo jersey (note to new moms who want to ride a bike, I highly recommend the bib shorts, they look like suspenders and have no waist band so no muffin top and they are super comfy)

Feeling pretty stylish in my spandex , which even matched my bike and helmet, and with Max sleeping soundly (that’s what happens to a kid that wakes up at 5:30 on a Sunday by the time 10 AM comes around…), I headed out on my bike. The parkways in Ottawa are closed to traffic on Sundays which makes it perfect for riding. The ride went surprisingly well! I was passing people left right and centre (ok ok….many of those people had training wheels, pink bikes and very cool streamers) but it definitely did something for my confidence. Then I noticed a funny thing. In Ottawa, the land where if people aren’t in boring grey business suits, they are wearing way too much spandex, and riding bikes worth the price of a small car, and far beyond their riding abilities, I started getting the nod. You know, the one that says “we got something in common” – except we didn’t, seeing as it had been two years since I’d rode my bike – but oh it felt good to be pretending, and even better that they thought I was one of them.

With every spandex clad nod I started to go faster and faster and next thing I knew, I wasn’t just passing pink bikes with streamers, but, 7 yr olds without training wheels!) I’d rode for an hour and a half (minus a 5 minute phone call 30 minutes in to make sure Max was still sleeping and didn’t need me). It felt great to be out, and as for Max, as much as I love, adore and cherish the little guy, a little mom alone time is really nice.

I’ll be back out with my little personal trainer tomorrow….and if all workout plans fail, I’ll still get to walk holding a 16 pound weight….