Travelling lesson #1, never, never go anywhere without my good ole Canon SLR.  Trying to “pack light” on our trip to the Rockies, I decided that Rob could bring his SLR, and I would bring our point and shoot (which I love, and it takes fabulous pictures…but its just not the same!). I figured one of us would always have the baby, and really we shouldn’t be using Max’s head as a tripod.

The whole trip I eyed Rob’s camera. Puh-lease, I whined, can I just take one picture…15 minutes later, I was still snapping away and muttering “I wish I’d brought my camera”.  I’d been on so many adventures with it that not having it felt a little bit like not bringing a passport on a world tour. Nevertheless, between stealing Rob’s Nikon, and playing with my point and shoot, I’m happy with some of our pics.

One of my goals during maternity leave was to learn how to use photoshop.  A Mac girl, I decided aperture might be more up my ally and am happy to say that I an really happy with some of the editing I was able to do  although, I still have to much to learn!!  A few of my favs: