As we are prepping for our trip to Turkey (I can’t wait!!!) I thought I might revisit some of the lessons we learned on our trip out west.  #1 was never leave your SLR at home….and #2 is there is no such thing as too many diapers.

Normally we use cloth diapers, and other than the never ending washing, I’m finding them really easy to use.  For short trips we try to keep Max in cloth, but with no access to a washer and dryer out west we switched to disposables for the 10 days.

All was going quite well with our stash until the final leg of our journey. Having to do an emergency pit stop just outside of Canmore we realized suddenly that we were down to our last 3 diapers.  Liking a little bit of spice in our life, I figured this would get us home.  We hit the road again, and hearing a rumbling in the back seat, followed by that all too familiar stench, we pulled over again. After the change, we were down to our last diaper. A little too close for comfort for a 1 hr drive and 4 hr flight home.
We arrived at the airport only to find out that our flight was delayed by 3 hours.  We settled down, I changed Max again,  and  set out to find the small pharmacy I had passed on our way in.  It had closed…5 minutes earlier…so there we were with a delayed flight and on our very last diaper.  There was nothing left to be done but think of creative ways to make a diaper should that last one not make it. So, travel tip # 2 for Turkey…even if you think you have enough diapers…you don’t…and with 21 hours of travel time, there is NO WAY one diaper will do!