It started when I was 2 months pregnant…driving through Ottawa having just learned I had my first cavity, EVER, some “genius” ran a stop sign and hit the driver side door of poor Blue…my lil ole Suzuki Swift. For the 7 months that followed I became a nagging passenger seat driver. “Rob! Slow down!” Random gasps and assuming the “brace for impact” position learned during my short lived naval career. I thump the imaginary brake pedal so much I think im getting a stress fracture, and really Rob isn’t that bad of a driver.

And this is coming from the same girl who sat on the roof of a lorry in Northern Kenya bandit territory for 48 hours, slept in a hammock In the middle of the Panamanian jungle with only strang animals for company, and hitch-hiked through the Sudan.

I thought time would heal my new driving paranoia, but it hasn’t. suddenly, I find myself scared or nervous about things I never even would have glanced twice at….swimming in cold water, jumping across wide..or narrow spaces, flying, heights…we are looking at future places to live for work and I’m finding myself attracted to the nice, clean and organized places that I wouldn’t have even considered a year ago….what is happening to me??

I blame being a momma….or maybe it’s suddenly hitting the big 30….I think I need to take up sky-diving or hang-gliding before I turn 40 or have a second lil one!