I may be on Mat leave…but work is stressing me out!  I’ve been in twice this week…and had to change my barely fitting outfits a dozen times (half a dozen because they still don’t fit quite right, and another half dozen because I’ve noticed everything from white cottage cheese spit up on my shoulder to a  misplaced pad in my bra resulting in the all too familiar wet leakage spot on my shirt ..how in the world I am going to make it out the door in one piece when I really go back to work is beyond me). Its silly season aka you have 2 weeks to make major decisions that will continue to impact the rest of yours and your family’s life…Every fall the list is released.  Now the list is the most awaited piece of intelligence of any foreign service officer.  We spend months dreaming of what might be on the list and imagining the exotic life we might live…sometimes, I confess, I’ve done so much hoping and day dreaming that when the list is actually released, its a little anti-climatic.

So the list is out.  I am obsessing, and Rob is relaxing and employing his laissez-faire attitude (which drives me slightly crazy) as we try to make our choices trying to balance what is best for our careers, each-other,  and interests.  As we are both in the department, we are a little limited in what we can choose as often there isn’t a position for both of us at the various embassies.  We come up with a million and one scenarios of ways to make our employee coupledom work. I try desperately to convince him that I want to move to Mongolia (honey…you can do Spanish training in Mongolia…really….) and list 101 reasons why he would love it…even when its -40 degrees.  He is pushing for a little Spanish training and a posting to South America.  We enter our choices, push send, and suddenly the next 5 years of our life are determined by whether someone likes our resume and how well an interview goes.  Worse case scenario, we stay in Ottawa forever, and ever and ever and ever….(you get the point).

Cold Weather and Kalishnikovs in Mongolia