The hardwood on our stairs is ALMOST done….our house is far from clean…..our to do list is far from being finished…but “we” have our priorities….and apparently its baking bread.

A few weeks ago Rob started with a white sandwhitch bread….a whole grain country loaf, ciabatta and 2 baguettes later, we have a little challenge.  Can we go an entire year without buying bread?  Pita and tortilla included?!?  With a little planning ahead, and at the cost of a never clean house, it might be just be possible.

Rob's first attempt at a Baguette. 100% Success!

I admit, I haven’t been always pleased with this newfound hobby. “Really Rob, with everything that we should do, do you really think you need to bake bread?” But, when I wake up to feed Max at 2 AM and the house is filled with that amazing smell, I fall back asleep dreaming of the treat that awaits the next morning.  Sometimes, I even sneak down the stairs to have a peak.

Stay tuned for our adventures in bread! And if we do crumble and buy bread, you’ll be the first to know!  Feel free to share your favourite bread recipes, and we’ll try them out!!