The sun was shining and the leaves are starting to turn gorgeous shades of red and gold – a perfect 30 degree fall day!  I woke up determined to get what I hoped would be some great family pics….but Max wasn’t in a smiling mood..and when a little boy decides he is not going to smile, makes for quite the serious photoshoot.  I’d love to know how the pros do it!  We even had some absolutely lovely strangers offer to “push the button” when the tripod was set up.  Not only did they snap a few pics, but the gentleman tried everything to get a smile out of my normally smiling little guy! Jumping up and down, making faces…but alas no luck….Plus my camera was acting funny…taking forever to register the image.  Hopefully this will work itself out before we go to Turkey.

In any case, a few of my favs…we’ll repeat on a not so serious day!

Ohh…and I must make a comment about the amazing Mongolian boots below.  Two friends completed the crazy Mongol Rally (an epic drive from England to Mongolia…read about their crazy adventures here:  They brought Max back these absolutely FABULOUS boots.  He loves them, I love them, and I can’t thank Jessica and Danica enough! Are they not the cutest little boots ever?!?!