Max is down for a nap, Focaccia bread is rising, my yoga mat is out in the middle of the floor beckoning for a work out and instead of all of the things I should be doing, I thought I would write about the weird and wonderful people of the weekday….

Its a bit of a strange phenomenon, probably most heavily observed by stay-at-home moms, shift workers and retirees…but really I am noticing that running errands on a weekday rather than a weekend is a completely different beast.  People browse the grocery aisles staring off into space.  They stop…touch your baby’s feet, and chat about the weather.  Having either been at school or work Mon-Fri, 9-5 for most of my life, its quite fascinating.  I’m used to fighting for parking spots, long lines, and grouchy people…on a weekday, you just have to contend with all the people who really can’t and shouldn’t be driving!

Today, as I left Loblaws, I noticed a nice elderly couple sitting on a bench outside the store. They looked relaxed and peaceful, just enjoying life in no particular rush to be anywhere.   He had walking nordic poles, and they both had pretty intense sun-glassed on despite the overcast weather. They looked super sporty.  I wandered down the parking lot, pausing for a second trying to remember where I had parked the car. Suddenly I had a tap on my shoulder.  It was the lady from the bench.

“You dropped your receipt” she told me.

“Oh, Thank you” I said, feeling more bad about accidentally littering than needing my receipt as well as surprised that she had chased me down half a car aisle to return it to me.

She seemed like she wanted to chat, so trying to comfort Max who had been in and out of the car on too many errands that morning, I said “silly me, I can’t remember where I parked”. Suddenly, she thew her arms around me, kissed me on the cheek, and said, “God Bless, have a good Day”, then she turned around and literally skipped back to where she had come, and I’m talking full on skipped like a 10 year old playing in the street with her purple spandex tennis skirt, big shades, long grey hair and her feet kicking up behind her.

I stood there for a minute, slightly stunned that some random stranger had bothered to first chase me down just to give me my receipt, then kiss me on the cheek like a long lost friend…but what do you do, but smile back and say ‘have a good day’.