It is a GORGEOUS fall morning in Ottawa, and I mean GORGEOUS.  One of those mornings that makes me wish it was fall all year (except I’d desperately miss the snow).  The sky is a perfect blue, the leaves a million different autumn hues, and the temperature crisp.  To top everything off (forget the fact that I was so tired this morning I forgot to put my coffee cup under the coffee maker as it poured), I won a pair of fuzzibunz training pants  for Max at my very first “twitter party” last night hosted by one of my favourite bloggers Jill Krause: I never win ANYTHING…and oh, I so hope we get the “no dumping ones”. They are the cutest things ever!

I had been planning on a Core Synergestics workout date with Tony my favourite annoying exercise motivator (P90X)….but, with the gorgeous day calling, I loaded Max in the chariot and off we went.

Although I ‘ve been feeling crazy drained and tired lately, I’ve been sticking to my goal of working out at least 6 times a week…and despite being crazy tired (lets see how many times I write “crazy tired” in this blog, as poor Rob is so “crazy tired” of hearing me whine about it).  I’m down to my last stubborn 5 extra (on a pre-baby bad day) pounds of baby weight. My clothes are starting to fit, although I can’t do up any of my button blouses,  and I’m starting to feel a little more like the good ole me of the past, except for the “crazy tired” part.  This is of course only temporary since we leave for Turkey in a week and I am going to indulge in baklava, baklava and more baklava!  I’ll probably come back looking pregnant again.

So we were off jogging…..Max fell asleep immediately, which I was a bit disappointed about since I have a ton of housework to do (notice that I tend to blog more when I have a “ton of housework to do”).   I was feeling pretty good patting myself on the back for getting out and exercising despite being crazy tired and had just turned around when a fairly pretty mid-aged blond woman passed me running in the opposite direction….about 10 feet behind her was a very fit looking man, with a mysterious object in his hand, barely breaking a sweat…he was doing that I could run way faster than this bounce back and forth. I know the I can actually run way faster than this extra bounce in each step style from my mom when she runs with me. She can also kick my butt…as well as the  jogging butts of most men and women in Canada.  I tried to smile at this middle-aged woman out enjoying the fall weather and got nothing in return.  Typical Ottawa.  She looked vaguely familiar…and the man behind her looked vaguely bodyguard-esque…Laureen Harper?

I continued on my way, dodging puddles, enjoying the bright blue sky and beautiful leaves, when I noticed they’d also turned around…and were gaining on me….quickly.  The path was strewn with gigantic puddles…. a quick trigonometry calculation (who am I kidding, I barely passed grade 11 math) determined that these speed demons were going to pass me right where the puddles took up most of the path. There was definitely not enough room for me, my chariot and Ms. Harper.  I had a quick crisis of protocol…do I continue jogging at my pace, and make the PMs wife go around me, quite possibly getting her feet wet?  Do I go trouncing through the puddles getting my own feet wet, and quite possibly splashing Max in the chariot?  At last I decided to speed up, get around the puddles before they were going to pass, and then let Ms. Harper pass me at her own pace (bonus I thought that I could also confirm my suspections of who the mysterious runner was…not a bonus that she was kicking my butt….)

So…she passed me, I confirmed my suspections,  and if it hadn’t been for the puddles, she would have left me in a cloud of dust.  I continued merrily on my way….the slower I run, the less time I have for house-work I thought…and whose racing anyways?