We have arrived in beautiful and magical Istanbul!! Other than the weather being a balmy 10 degrees and cold rain, everything is going wonderfully!

Max was a trooper on the plane! Besides throwing my potato salad at the bulkhead, and aiming his soother so perfectly between the seats that it landedon the tray of the people behind us it was a pretty pleasant flight!

Now, before we arrived in Turkey, we had been told that everyone loved children, but I never expected this! Its amazing! A few examples.

There was a huge line-up at customs and we saw a sign saying “NATO members only”. We wondered for a moment, whether it meant NATO member countries and whether we could use this line…as we walked over to investigate a security guard came running over “Maddam, Madam, Madam, its a BABY!, please please use this line” as he ushered us into the empty first class passenger line up. As he escorted us to the police officer checking passports, he kissed Max on the head and exclaimed to the police officer “Welcome to Turkey Junior!”.

Today, we got lost in the ally ways of the Grand Bazaar…one of the world’s largest buildings, with over 4000 shops. Its actually been “open for business” since the 1400s when it was a stop for traders on the Silk Road. Unsurprisingly its a bit of a tourist trap, and of course many a man is willing you into his carpet store, of course for a very good price….but everytime someone started on their “where you from” spiel, they were distracted by the BABY!!!! Suddenly they were squeezing Max’s feet, oohing and awwing about his pretty eyes, snapping their fingers and making funny faces. This has happened at least 2 dozen times today, and even the roughest looking Turkish man seems to be moved to a gooiing softy in the sight of Max. Max, LOVES the attention. He smiles back, and I’m afraid he is going to come home with an identiy crisis as a Turkish Sultan!!

On that point, tomorrow, we are headed to lovely Tokapi Palace, built by Mehmet II in 1459. Tokapi Palace remained the Palace of the Sultan until 1853. Its our anniversary tomorrow, so I figured theat Rob could scope out the 86 carat “spoonmaker’s diamond”…or then again, maybe he’ll be heading fpr the harem 🙂

Hope for some sunshine for us! Tomorrow’s high is 10 degrees and rain!!!