Have any of you ever read the Travels of Marco Polo?  I’ve been using it as  a resource for my NaNoWriMo writing adventure, and its a fascinating piece of work.  True…there are some exaggerations, and parts of it are based on hear-say, but, for all those critics out there who like to suggest that the whole book is a fabrication, I don’t see how it possibly could be.  I did, however, come across this description that I wanted to share.  Marco is describing an area on the border of present day China and Burma, known as Baoshan today.  Marco refers to this place as the Province of Cardandan. Cardanan apparently meant “Gold Teeth” in Persian and is so called because the Dai people at the time covered their front teeth with gold.

From his description, Cardanan was the ultimate man cave of the 13th century.   “They pay little attention to anything but horsemanship, the sports of the chase, and whatever belongs to the use of arms and a military life; leaving the entire management of their domestic concerns to their wives…”  

Sure, even today, we can all watch a little Saturday night hockey, or in my case a little Rugby….but this….this is where I would draw the line!

“As soon as a woman has been delivered of a child, and, rising from her bed, has washed and swathed the infant, her husband immediately takes the place she has left, has the child laid beside him, and nurses it for forty days.   In the meantime, the friends and relations of the family pay to him their visits of congratulation; whilst the woman attends to the business of the house, carries victuals and drink to the husband in hes bed, and suckles the infant at his side”. 

Really ladies? Could you imagine?! I picture Rob and Max snuggling on the couch with a little All Blacks v.s Springboks action on the T.V while I am doing beer runs and cooking up chicken wings.