The lengths I will go to for a badge and bragging rights….but…..I just wanted to share that I am officially (see my badge…look…there it is see see see) a NaNoWriMo Winner, which means I officially had no life for the past month, ate horribly and didn’t exercise, but somehow hammered out 50 424 words…aka enough to officially say I’ve written a novel  a messy, spelling mistake ridden, first draft of a partial something which may eventually be called a novel, in a month or 27 days to be exact. I’m afraid my brain may stop working at any minute now (if it hasn’t already), so I’ll keep this post short and sweet and will strive to share a synopsis of my story this week, and maybe even an excerpt.  The only problem is its really not over.  I’m 50 424 words in, and I think the story is only half finished, but I must return to a balanced life for a little bit.  There are Christmas cards to write, meals to cook,  and a house to clean…but don’t worry, there is still a book to finish and edit and I put way too much time and effort into it, to not see it through to an end I’m happy with.

I like badges 😉