Lately my posts have been about everything but Max.  He hits the big 7 m.o. tomorrow and 6 months was quite the adventure!  The big 7 m.o means I am back to work in a month.  WIth Christmas and a trip to Mexico between now and then (Rob’s momma is getting married), I can pretty much kiss quiet days at home away. Where did 7 months of mat leave go?

6 months has been a milestone marathon for Max. It started with me being consumed by my writing challenge in my pretty much non-existant spare time, and Rob away in Afghanistan for a few weeks.

We switched to solids….I had desperately hoped that a full belly would mean long sleeps at night, but nope not a chance.  Max is up every three hours still, and I’m a little terrified that this might continue when I go back to work. If any mommas out there have any hints or suggestions on getting your little one to sleep through the night, I’d love to hear them! I’m desperate….the Guinness below is my futile attempt to knock Max out for the night (kidding!!).  Max is quite the little food snob. For the first few days we followed the “rule”. One food at a time for three days. This went out the window in about a week.  You know those cereals for 6 month olds, nope he wouldn’t have any of it.  Bland carrots, not a chance. But add a little heat, a little spice, and this little boy eats.  Chicken Tikka Masala, he can’t get enough!  Thai Coconut Soup, more momma!  And this week Tourtiere with Chutney, he would have ate half the pie if we’d let him.

6 months meant the start of teething and now he has two little pearly whites on the bottom with two more coming in the top.   He chews on anything and everything, and I confess I’m a little embaressed by a few of the things I let him chew on….(metal stroller bars, wire baskets, a door stop….my shoes).

6 months meant that Max learned to move like a little machine.  He is now crawling around the house, and pulling himself up to standing. This morning as Rob was getting ready for work we had Max sitting on the bed, and he thought it would be a good idea to try to stand on his own.  He bounced up and down on the bed a few times to get some momentum going, sprung up on his feet, and  not quite getting the balance right launched himself into the air. Luckily, mommas hands were there to catch him (I think I pulled a muscle and bruised my knee, but it was a dive worthy of the big leagues).

I’m looking forward to seeing what adventures 7 months bring!