There are beautiful big flakes of snow floating down in Ottawa.  Hopefully winter has finally arrived with all its wonder and fury!  Winter is my favourite season, and I love snow, lots and lots and lots of it!  It is beautiful outside.

Its been a crazy week! We arrived home from Mexico Sunday at 5 AM, and are off as soon as we can to the “Grandparent Southern Ontario Christmas Tour of 2011″….Max has 4 sets of grandparents, and even one set of great-grandparents! While the rest of you are filling stockings and eating milk and cookies, we are going to be driving….and driving….and driving….

23rd: Fight traffic and snow to get to Rob’s dad’s in Mississauga…probably late tonight.

24th: My Grandma’s always wonderful, but always chaotic birthday celebration (it isn’t Christmas without Thai food on Christmas eve). I think there will be 30 people! Then back to Rob’s dads.

25th: Wake up at Rob’s dad’s, drive to Rob’s mom’s in Hamilton spend a few hours there (they are getting in Christmas eve from Mexico), drive to Rob’s Uncle’s Girlfriends’ back in Toronto, then after dinner drive up to my mom’s near Orillia.

26th: Go to my dad’s. He is renovating, and living out of his bedroom, so I don’t think he would appreciate being woken up every 3 hours even if Max is incredibly cute, so we’ll be going back to my mom’s that night, luckily its only a 25 minute drive.

27th: Back to my mom’s for Christmas Dinner…and then Rob is driving back to Ottawa to work on the 28th…I’m still figuring out how and when Max and I are coming home 🙂

30-31: Make it back to Ottawa….in time for NYE with Rob…maybe there will be snow and we can go for a night ski in Gatineau Park! Oh…with my NEW XC ski equipment…because oh yah, i’m still planning on doing a 50 KM ski race in February…training is another story….

January 3rd: And this is the reality I’ve been avoiding….I haven’t been counting down the days because I don’t want to know that its happening until it has to…but its sneaking up…I am BACK TO WORK!  

??: Oh yah…and our little Lunksa (Lunstead Dutka Hybrid) family Christmas is going to happen….we just don’t know when. Rob still has shopping to do!).

So…if I don’t say it on Christmas day because we are going to be eating and driving, eating and driving…

Wishing you all a very very merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays.  I hope that 2012 is full of wonderful adventures, happy surprises, and spending time with the ones you love!!


There is no room in the back if Max needs some mommy entertainment 😦
From a photo shoot we did a few weeks ago...I think max looks a little like Santa's elf "dopey" (Sorry Max...I blame dad for making your ears stick out of the hat!)