Tomorrow at this time I’ll be sitting in my new office, probably wishing I was at home with Rob and Max. On a good note, I may be enjoying my coffee still hot…on a bad note, it will be bad work coffee. January 3rd is the day that I’ve been both welcoming and dreading. Its the day I go back to work. I had been counting down the months at first, 3 months to back to work, 2 months…and then I stopped counting all together when it seemed too close.   Suddenly the day is tomorrow.

I imagine I am feeling a bit of a mix of emotions, but lucky us, the entire family has been struck with a nasty sinus cold, so I can’t really think or feel anything beyond the pounding in my head. Poor Max is up twice as much as normal, and luckily Rob has been doing a great job transitioning towards being the dad that wakes up all night….On one hand I am excited to get my hands into something other than dirty diapers. I have a new file which I am really excited about.  But, I’m also a little worried…I’ve been momma talking and babbling going on 8 months now. I don’t know what a full night of sleep is like, and am pretty sure my brain is functioning only at half capacity. This was pretty evident when I interviewed for this job, and when asked what I used to do in my last assignment I said “I read stuff for the U.N”.  Really?  That is the best I could come up with? I read stuff??  How am I going to have time to get into shape (I have a 50km ski race coming up in 6 weeks), keep the house clean, make meals, and actually work….oh yah, and I still have that NaNoWriMo thing to finish. Oh..and suits? do they even fit? I should probably go try them on in case I need to do a last minute shopping spree…or maybe I should just treat myself and do this anyways 🙂 And of course, I am going to really miss my little guy!

Rob is taking his new role as a stay at home dad very seriously.  He has made a cleaning schedule and a meal plan. He is going to get up early and make me lunch…apparently 🙂 He is planning on getting his professional project management certificate from Royal Roads University while he is off, and will start planning for kitchen renovations. This morning he decided to dress the part, and even shave.  This doesn’t even happen when he is going to real work 🙂 I think him and Max are going to have a ton of fun…..and although I know there will be times when Max is wanting his momma (at least I hope so!), Rob is going to do a great job. I for one am enjoying the fact that he has been offering to do almost all the changes lately “better get used to it” he says.

I’ve had so many things I want to blog about lately, but this cold has really kicked me in the butt!  I went out for my first ski of the season which was glorious, and also had some New Years resolutions I wanted to share.  All in good time….now its about getting healthy and organized so I can get through tomorrow!

Happy New Year to all of you!!


Max is 8 months today!!