I’ve made a few changes to my “reporting template”. I’ve also added elevation and route maps based on what I upload from my garmin. Click on the links under “The Trails” for details.   In some cases I am “exploring” the park, so you may not want to follow my route…the more I get out, I’ll try to come up with some exact routes that make sense from the specific parking space…maybe this will be more than a one year project ...on va voir!

Date Skied:
January 7, 2012

Gatineau Loppet Training Update:

To ski or not to ski? That was the question.  With a pounding headache from this killer sinus infection (whine whine whine) I couldn’t decide whether I should even dare consider a ski. Either, I would come back feeling great, or awful.  It had been a week since I’d skied, and after 5 days of sitting in my office  (at least I sit on a stability ball), I felt the best thing I could do was get this body moving. So where do you go if you just want to see if your legs still function? I thought P3 was a good starting point.  Luckily, it turned into a beautiful ski and I felt surprisingly good.  The sun was setting creating a beautiful sky, and the moon was rising.  I also think I might have set a world record in quality of snot-rockets.


P3 is located at the southern entrance to Gatineau Park.  The main trail option is the parkway.  Parking is limited, however, its a convenient drive from downtown.  The gentle terrain and wide trails, make it a good place to take a beginner on a night ski.

For those who like: Convenience, Ottawa/Gatineau night views, skiing over a highway, wide open trails, and beautiful sunsets/night sky views,  a good training ski, or getting out for a quick ski after  or before work, Classic and Skate Options.

Don’t Ski here if:  you want the trails all to yourself, on a weekend mid-day (good luck getting parking), a lot of trail variety, a quiet winding through the woods.


P3  is located at the southern entrance of the park, on the corner of rue de la Gatineau and Rue Gamelin.

Here are directions from down town Ottawa:  

The Trails:

Its fun to ski over the blvd St Raymond, and if you are out at night you get a pretty sweet view of Ottawa on your return ski.  I love the reminder of how lucky we are to have such amazing trails so close to the city! But otherwise, P3 doesn’t have a ton going for it.  Other than the main parkway trail, there aren’t many trail options, and this is a parking lot that is often overflowing with visitors and dog walkers. It is a place thought, that I like to go out for night skis from, especially with beginners.  The twisty forest trails can be a little intimidating at night, and P3 offers wide open trails and very gentle ascents and descents (not a lot of flat…and I was surprised that I got up to 40km an hour on a decent). There is easy terrain for beginners from the very start.  Sunset is also a great time to ski here! For the most part though, given a little more terrain variety, and more parking, I’d probably be more  likely to start out from P1 (Asticou) or P2.

My Route:
Garmin Connect – Cold Recovery Night Ski (P3 10 km).

Elevation Details:
Cold Recovery Night Ski by nicolelunstead at Garmin Connect – Details.

Bringing Baby: 

All of the parkways are fairly good for pulling the chariot. This one is no exception.