Rob started off his parental leave super keen to be squeaky clean.  He spent the first few days making the perfect cleaning schedule that would solve all our problems, even the bacteria filled ones that involve the fact that my kid is toilet obsessed and you can only get a toilet so clean.

I told him it was impossible. He tried to prove me wrong. For the first few days I thought that he might.  The floors sparkled…kind of. Max’s toys sort of got put away, and sometimes even the night before’s dinner dishes were done in time for our next dinner.  About a week in, he gave up entirely.

I’ve always dreamed of having a clean house, really I have, and I sometimes wish that I had the organizational, OCD characteristics of some of my friends who have admitted to me that they fear that if their house isn’t clean and a robber breaks in, they might be judged for leaving out one dish.  I’ve never understood how they do it, but they do.  I try. I really do.  But we all have different talents, and unfortunately putting things away isn’t one of mine, or Rob’s for that matter. It doesn’t help that the sound of the vacuum makes Max cry.

Being back at work, I hated the feeling of coming home on a Friday night and having nothing to think about except how dirty the floors were, and oh my, when was the last time anyone wiped down the toilet seat that Max is trying to teeth on? I wanted to invite friends over, but having to first clean the house made the task seem impossible.

Oh, but there are solutions for people like me who weren’t born with the hyper-clean gene.   We had someone come clean our house today, and I can’t begin to tell you how nice it was to come home and not have to worry about tackling anything more than the laundry – oh yah and that 51km race I signed up for.  Who am I kidding, its not like I actually would have spent the whole weekend cleaning, but that whole “must, should, do it now, what are we doing tomorrow? Oh yah we have to clean the house” is no longer chugging through my head, and it feels like a thick, sticky, layer of dust has been lifted off my shoulders… and the shelves.