Momma and Max may be going a little MIA, just for a little while. I don’t want to…I really don’t. I have a ski race to write about, Gatineau parking lots to ski from before the snow melts, and a list of museums and Ottawa outings just begging to be explored, but nope, reality has sunk in, and I am being utterly and entirely consumed by work. I might emerge from the piles of paper on my desk, and the 30 open windows on my computer that keeps causing it to crash long enough to say hello, but that might be all….(or I may pour myself a glass of wine and Pinterest it up, as I think that might be the extent of my brain capacity once work has exhausted it). I hope it doesn’t come to weeks of bloglessness….If I don’t say anything for a little while and the tulips are blooming before you hear about my Loppet excapdes, I haven’t forgotten about my blog, or writing about all of the things I said I would….and don’t even remind me that I have 50 000 words towards a NaNoWriMo book that still has a few chapters to go (and 9 ships to sink/thousands of people to be killed off) just begging to be completed…oh, and I have so much to learn about photography, and cooking, and, and, and, and….I think I miss being at home. Luckily this project I am working on is just temproary. Damn me and my keenness coming back from Mat Leave.

Max now sleeps, eats and plays like clock work (completly thanks to Rob. I had nothing to do with it). When 7PM comes around, we stick a soother in his mouth and he is out cold before his head hits the pillow. To all those people who told me “so” about schedules and routines, you were right. He’s sleeping much better than he ever has, but in a case of momma’s irony, I’m waking up at 5AM with “to do” lists running in my head, while he keeps sleeping soundly. Lately, Max has even decided that Momma’s milk just won’t do the trick anymore, and seems to prefer the bottle. I’ll be going away for a week soon, so although I would like to keep breastfeeding a little longer, if he has decided its time, then maybe it is. He’s the boss, and he knows it. I remember thinking when I started feeding him, struggling with mastitis, and how hard it really is (and nobody tells you that) that it was ridiculous that other moms would say how they missed breastfeeding….now I understand. I would swap midnight baby cuddles for that nagging feeling in the back of your head anytime.

So a quick note to say hello…and whine just a little bit….hopefully I’ll get that Lac Phillipe/Wakefield Ski in, and tell you about the loppet. For tonight though, whining seemed a much more productive use of my time.