I’ve gotten a little behind on my reporting, but wanted to quickly report where I am at with my Ski Challenge.  Last weekend I cheated with the Loppet (call that P2), and today we just came back from our first family ski at P19 “Lac Phillipe” another great success on the part of Max (reports coming …. well…not so soon). So where does that leave me:

P12 – Meech
P17 – Wakefield
P5  – Penguin
p9 – Dunlop (which is so close to P10 Fortune, I almost want to count it, but that would be cheating wouldn’t it?)

Tomorrow’s plan is to tackle either P12 or P17…..Normally, I’d say with probably at least two more weekends of snow, no problem, but, with the number of ski days dwindling, and having to go away for work from the 3-10 of March, I am hoping that a little “Spring Skiing” will let me finish this challenge. It has been so fabulous getting to know the park just a little more!  So many of the destinations seem special for their very own reasons.

Oh…and at long long last, we are going to have the Ski Pull for our Chariot! Sorry everyone wishing for summe, but I’m not ready for winter to be over. Bring on the snow!Image