When I first had Max and was trying to adapt to life after baby, one thing that struck me was how simple things became so terribly complicated. Perfect example: getting my hair done. Maybe its just me….but I have a feeling there are more than a few of you out there, who after months of sleep deprived adjustments finally look in the mirror and wonder what the happened to the perfectly-coiffed, done-up woman you once were. When I decided that I oh so desperately needed a hair cut, I didn’t quite know how to manage my little guy. I timed my cut and colour to coincide with nap time, and luckily, Max obliged. I think this was a mini-miracle from the good-hair-gods. I’m not so naive to think that it is, or will always be like this. I’m not that well behaved, and I haven’t always been good to my hair. I spoke to my fabulous hair dresser Dory about my dilemma. He had the perfect solution. Don’t come to me, I’ll come to you. Of course. Home visits.

This very idea could in fact solve all the bad-hair-days of all new moms in Ottawa. Just think, no more begging your husband or a sitter to watch your wee-one so you can run to the salon. No more bundling your baby in this cold weather and then hoping that your hair dresser won’t get half way through your new short-cut when your baby decides enough is enough, and you go running out sporting the long hair on one-side-short-on-the-other 80s “do”. Dory is a great hair dresser, and he will do home visits for very reasonable costs in the Ottawa area. I recommend him highly. If you are interested in him doing a cut or colour in the comfort of your own home, give him a call: (613-263-8373)

And just so you know its not a stranger at your door, I thought I’d add a picture as well -he is in fact rather charming 🙂

Happy Good Hair Days….