After a crazy month I’ve resurfaced, and I’m not so sure I’m the better for it…..I returned from -30 weather in Northern Quebec, to almost no snow and thus the end of my ski challenge. I’m three trails short – and ironies of ironies, my ski pull finally arrived, in time for next winter I guess. I’m a little disappointed to say the least, but, I’d say I put forth a valiant effort, and it was fun trying.

As I’ve transitioned from stay at home mom to working mom the last few months, I’ve seemed to have lost all these talents that I didn’t realize I’d gathered during my eight months at home. I come home and Max wants to cling and whine, and cling and whine.  I can’t put him to bed for the life of me, and the three hours a day that we have together just doesn’t seem to be enough.  When he is really upset, Rob seems to be the one who can calm and comfort him now.

I’ve given up entirely putting Max to bed. I don’t even try; I don’t want to fight with him, so I hand him to Rob and say “there you go”. Of course, this way, he is usually asleep within five minutes.

And…for the second time in two weeks, I’ve realized that I can’t even bake good cookies anymore…being a working mom has clearly taken away all my domestic talents that I took for granted during my time off.

Although, this last week, I’ve seemed to succeed at one thing. Sleep. Glorious Sleep. I’ve been exhausted, I mean first week of having a baby exhausted.  I think its just one crazy non-stop month catching up.

I’m off to bed – and yes, I know, its not even 9PM, but sometimes, a mommas got to do what a mommas got to do….