I’m in a slump right now…you know the type where you nag all day, and just want to sleep all night, and then not get up and go to work the next morning?  Where your husband and son don’t want anything to do with you – heck, I don’t want anything to do with me.  When exercise feels like the most impossible thing ever, and the only solution seems to be junk food accompanied with a glass of wine (or two), which of course leads to the vicious “i’m fat” circle. The type where even though you know you’ve got it pretty good,and you shouldn’t dare complain,  you focus on everything and anything that could possibly go wrong? Yep. Me. Right. Now.  And yes, I know I have no reason at all to be here.  None at all.

I was just lying in bed checking facebook for the umpteenth time (yep…its Friday night, and most of my friend have better things to do than be on facebook, so I can’t even stalk their updates), when a little light bulb went off. I realized that there is a bright side to a slump. WIth every slump there is a de-slump usually after some significant soul searching. And often the slump and the soul searching combined leads to some of the extreme ideas that I’m most proud of.   Yes, right now quitting my job and becoming a professional photographer with Max and Rob in tow seems like a great idea…not really. Oh and on another thought,  a family hiking trip to Nepal umm… nevermind the fact that Max can’t walk.  But somewhere, in the depths of my mind  I’ve realized that soon enough that idea, that goal, that challenge will emerge that will make everything seem brighter in the morning. Maybe in the meantime I’ll just take a risk and buy that gorgeous Mackage winter coat online that is half off…even though it is a final sale and can’t be returned. Yep. A nice winter coat to look forward to next winter would definitely solve all my problems.

Right now, the magical slump solution doesn’t seem to be popping into my head, but just knowing that for every slump there is a de-slump seems to be enough for me to know that everything will be just fine – if Rob and Max can just put up with me a little longer.