Yes.  You read that correctly….well $1 dollar plus $250 in taxes. Max, Rob and I are Costa Rica bound on Thursday. I simply couldn’t resist the price.  I saw the last minute sale,  sprinted to my bosses office, begged for the time off (and convinced him I’d be on top of everything I have to do….I still have 24 hours…and no choice if I ever want time off again).

Now Rob and I have just completed a marathon trip planning session. 2 nights in the cloudforests in Monteverde, 2 nights near Volcan Arenal, and 3 nights near Manual Antonio National Park. I can’t say a lot of thought went into it, but, I’m pretty happy with how it is coming together. There is so much to see and do in such a little country, that we will have lots of time to explore.  We’ve rented a little SUV as well!   We are flying out of Toronto (although the deal was on from Ottawa, but we managed to also get the same price from Costa Rica) so we can see family over Easter.  Its gonna be great! I just hope that Max doesn’t chase after those colourful poison frogs, oh and I was reading about a night hike where you get to see trantuals…or decide to stick his fingers in the lava spews of Volcan Arenal  – red does seem to be his favourite colour. Hmmmm

This will be Max’s 12th and 13th flights….yikes that is a little crazy for a kid that isn’t even 1 year old even I have to admit. For those of you who think you can’t travel with a baby, you most certainly can – and its lots of fun 🙂

Time to get Packing! Hasta Luego!