We are of course having a blast in Costa Rica, and Max is being one great little guy…although I think he could do a little less with sitting in his car seat on crazy backroads and more with sitting and digging in the dirt. He’s been a trooper….walking on hanging bridges in a canopy tour, wandering the cloud forest on a night walk while mom and dad checked out beautiful sloths and not so beautiful tarantulas, learning all about the wonderful world of coffee plantations, being dragged up a dormant volcano to swim in a cold green crater lagoon…and then such luxury at tabacon hot springs…have we only been here 3 full days?

There are a lot of tourists here…American, Canadian Belgian, German…..and a fair number of older kids….other than some rough roads,there is great tourist infrastructure, and traveling in Costa Rica is really quite easy, but people other tourists look at us like we are nuts…and id go so far to say I’ve gotten the ‘you’re an unfit parent vibe’ and ‘what about everything that could go wrong that you clealry failed to consider?’ on more than one occasion.

For all the lovely people who have said they are oh so impressed and suggest that we are doing something near impossible, we really aren’t. There are beds, food and milk in Costa Rica. Its all a little different, but still very much the same. Yes. Im not naive and i know that things can and do go wrong, but, this happens at home too. Life, travel and adventure shouldn’t stop just because you have a baby….just be willing to change direction….its all about the journey right?