What a week. A week of many firsts of milestones, adjustments, lessons and slight exhaustion.  Its now Sunday at 2PM, Rob is cleaning, Max is napping, well ok, he isn’t napping, he is lying in his crib making “farting noises” with his lips, but he isn’t crying (yet), so I’ll leave him for a few minutes. I feel like its the first time I’ve stopped. Although blogging isn’t necessarily on the top of my “must do” list (cleaning, grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning out the fridge, prepping meals) its definitely up there with sleep on what I’d like to be doing.

First Week of Daycare:

This  week was the week that every new mom dreads. The first week of leaving your baby in the arms of a kind and caring stranger, aka the babysitter. I think that going back a few months early, and having Rob stay at home with Max made a tremendous difference  (at least for me). Going back to work is hard enough. Leaving your wee one under the care of someone you hardly know is even harder.  Most moms deal with both almost simultaneously, so having the opportunity to get used to work in January, so I could get used to the babysitter in May really helped.  There were tears, there were a few calls to make sure everything was ok, there was walking up the stairs and out of our sitter’s apartment with the sound of Max’s protests ringing in my ears (but which also stopped within about 10 seconds of my departure) but in the end, it was ok.  I know that it is a great environment. His sitter is a generous, intelligent and caring lady, there are 2 other boys just a few months older than Max for him to hang out with, new things to learn and outings and adventures to be had. I’m not saying it was easy. But it is ok.

First Birthday:

On Wednesday my little Max turned one! In so many ways this first year felt like an incredible accomplishment. All the little thrills and challenges came rushing back. Holding him in my arms and kissing him for the first time, waking up the first night with him sleeping soundly between Rob and I, the first night leaving him in his room, in his crib,  our travels and adventures.  We made a valiant attempt at a picnic despite the cool weather, picking up a few snacks at La Bottega and heading to a local park after work.  We froze. We realized that toddlers and picnic food on a blanket aren’t necessarily a great mix (next time set up on a picnic table), but it was a great little evening.

First Birthday Family Photo



First Steps:

Max has been standing and squatting and stair climbing for quite some time, but having the confidence to take a step or two without momma’s or dad’s hand seemed a little ways off.  Yesterday though, everything seemed just a touch different.  He was holding onto our pinky fingers, but not quite needing to, I also think he might have had some top secret lessons from his grandma who was in town.  After dinner, Rob and I placed him on the floor between us, steadied him, and he went.  The first few he sort of fell into our arms, but after just a few minutes, we increased the distance between us, and Max went from taking 1 to two to seven, eight even nine steps. There is no looking back!