Its time to celebrate one-year of blogging and what will be my 95th post! I’ve had almost 9000 views, from people in 65 different countries.   How the h@ll did I find time to write 95 posts ?!   Its actually been a lot of fun, and I’m really glad that on June 2nd, 2011 I took a deep dive into the blogesphere with this post:

So to celebrate here my 5 reasons why I’ve loved blogging this past year:

1. Its allowed me to virtually connect with other moms out there, as well as communicate with family and friends,  I’ve been able to commiserate, learn, laugh and share frustrations. Its been fun.  I feel like I’ve made some new friends, and connected with old ones.

2. I have a fabulous chronicle of the “truth” as I lived it.  I don’t always remember things accurately – childbirth was a breeze wasn’t it? Didn’t he just pop out and say hello??  I spent my year at home  blogging, and making gourmet meals with my perfectly behaved son  – of course?  If you catch me in any of those mis-remembrances, direct me to my blog.

3. Its held me accountable to my goals. Remember NaNoWriMo?  The Yoga Challenge?  Bread Challenge? Ski Challenge?  Well, in most cases I tackled them, or at a minimum stayed on track  – I blame an early snow melt to ending my ski challenge prematurely.  Its amazing how much power committing yourself to a cyber-audience can have.

4. Sitting down at the computer after a long day, or a memorable event, with a glass of wine, and blogging about is my new favourite form of relaxation.  There is something therapeutic about sharing laughs, fears and goals with people I hardly know.  Perhaps it is simply the connectedness we feel with humanity when we can share our worries and our loves with others across the world.

5.  I’ve been able to practice my writing….I’d like to say it has gotten better, but, sadly I’m afraid it hasn’t *sigh.

Year 2 of blogging should be a good one! We have a move to chronicle, and oh the recipes that I will write about in our new amazing kitchen with enough light that I will be able to take pictures!! I can’t wait!!  We have a few trip ideas brewing, and of course, as always, there will be some surprises along the way!

Hugs and kisses to all of you who’ve taken the time to read my rants, and especially to those who’ve taken the time to comment whether on the wordpress site, or on Facebook!  It has meant a ton to me, and has really kept me committed to keeping this blog going.