As much as I wish this post would be wise, and witty with pictures to match, I am just happy to have 5 minutes to say hello!  Life has been insanely busy.  I have 3 pieces of BIG news to share….all too exciting for one blog post, so you’ll have to stay tuned. Here is news item number 1 is we’ve moved.  Although there are still boxes strewn about, nothing is on the walls, and its a bit of a mess. I think after being in our new home for about 5 minutes (after moving on one of the crazy hottest days of the year), it feels like home.  Its pretty amazing. Here are my 10 reasons why I love my new home.

1.  It makes Max happy.  Yes, I know, you probably think I’m projecting onto the little guy, but he has been so happy since we moved in.  There is space for him to run, and its nice and open. Our old place was narrow, and the poor kid could probably see nothing but walls and legs. Now,  he has a great line of site to his mom and dad, so he is happy playing whether it be in the kitchen or our carpeted living room.  Oh yah, Mom and Dad are pretty happy too!

2.  Dream Kitchen.  This is what started the whole moving idea.  We have been struggling for a year trying to think of how we could make our cubicle of a kitchen into something functional.  My dad was over one day and said, why don’t you guys just take the money you’d put into renovating and buy a new place.  Hmmm….sometimes, its good to listen to my dad.  Our new kitchen is huge, with tons of storage space (which we have miraculously filled). There are built in benches (although in need of a kitchen table), a huge island, and bright windows.  Let the cooking begin!

3.  Good-bye neighbours.  The last few months we really started to get annoyed with our neighbours at our old place….and maybe, more accurately, they were annoyed with us.  We had last minute renos to do which meant making a noisy mess. Our windows were open all the time which meant we heard everything, and everyone heard us.  We are on a heavily forested acre now, and you can just barely see our neighbours places through the trees.  ‘ have neighbours….but…this way…you…get to see them when you feel like it, rather than having no choice.

4. A forested acre…yes, it’s so darn nice to have space, and trees, and squirrels and chipmunks and birds!  True, our yard needs some work, but, that will be part of the fun.  It’s great to be surrounded by green space.  We have a fabulous pond down the street which turns into a skating rink in the winter, and a playground not too far for Max.  Its perfect, and still only a 15 minute drive to work. Ok….I take perfect back.  Trees and powerlines don’t always mix, and as I was finishing up this post, we just had our first power outage

5.  La belle vie dans la belle Province.    Although my French is pretty rough, I now have an excuse to practice.   In this region, I find that people seem to care more about what they eat, and you can taste the quality.  And hey you can get beer and wine at the depanneur….and costco, which also carries local Quebec cheeses.  Does it get better than that?  Bien oui just keep feeding me chocolatines.

6.   A guest room. Although we are still waiting for our new (old) bedroom set, it’s going to be so nice to have a permanent guest room where people can come and stay, and have their own space and not feel like they are living on top of us.

7. Patio/BBQing.  We love to BBQ, and Rob insists on doing it with a charcoal BBQ. At our old place BBQing was quite the expedition.  Not being allowed to BBQ on our balcony, we had to trek to the end of our street to a little green space.  A hamburger would turn into an hour ordeal as Rob went out to light the chimney starter, get the coals burning etc (I have not mastered the art of the charcoal BBQ so I can’t completely tell you what it involves).  We’d be on our cell phones, and I’d wait for the call “bring the meat”…then I’d trek down the street meat in one hand, Max in the other.  This meant that often whatever we were BBQing would be done, but, the table wouldn’t get set, or any of the sides get finished. Now we can BBQ on our glorious big balcony.

8.  Minutes to Gatineau Park.  Anyone who read about my attempt to ski from all the trailheads in Gatineau Park will know that I’d much rather be closer to the trails than downtown.  We are now just on the edge of the park.  Let the exploring continue!

9. Garage and basement. Did I mention we have a garage AND a basement.  Did I mention that Rob and I have way too many hobbies and way too many things, and I still think it’s a miracle that everything actually fit in our old place.  Now we have a garage, and Rob can saw wood OUTSIDE, rather than in the bathroom to avoid the neighbourly glares.  We don’t have to take our chariot down the stairs in pieces, and then bring down our bikes, and by the time everyone and everything is assembled be ready for a nap.

10.  Home feels like a holiday….well once all the boxes are put away it will.   The 15 minute drive out of Ottawa is just long enough to let the worries of work drift away. We were talking about going away for the long weekend, but on second thought, we might just read on our balcony with a cold drink in hand.

I promise to add some pictures of our home, but in the meantime, here is Lil Max about to go on his first trip being pulled by the bike in the chariot (which we don’t have to set up!!)

I love my new home and bike helmet