I am reading a book that has sat on my shelf for a few years “The Lost City of Z” by David Grann. Only a few chapters in, its about a journalist following the journey of British explorer Percy Fawcett – who destined into the Amazon in 1925, in search of El Dorado,  and was never seen or heard of again.  Many men followed trying to unravel the mystery of his disappearance.

A “Fawcett Seeker”, as David Grann calls them,  who set out in the 1930s to find Fawcett, wrote about classifying people according to their reaction to ones plans for adventure.  I thought this was a pretty great summary (although geared towards 1930s expeditions).  I may try to update it with a 2012 “People you will meet”…stay tuned, and oh, maybe this is a little foreshadowing for an adventure we might be taking in the near future.  What are you going to say?

Adapted From the Lost City of Z

The Prudent will say “This is an extraordinarily foolish thing to do”.

The Wise will say “This is an extraordinarily foolish thing to do; but at least you will know better next time”.

The Very Very Wise will say “This is a foolish thing to do, but not nearly so foolish as it sounds”.

 The Romantics will believe “if everyone did this sort of thing all the time the world’s troubles would soon be over.

The Envious will “Thank God they are not coming” or the other sort who say with varying degrees of insincerity “that they would give anything to come”

The Correct will ask “if you know people at the Embassy”

The Practical will speak at length of “inoculations and calibres”

The Apprehensive will ask “have you made a will?”

The (Wo)Men Who Had Done A Certain Amount of That Sort of Thing in Their Time You Know will impart elaborate strategems for getting the better of ants, and explain that monkeys made excellent eating and so for that matter did lizards, and parrots; they all tasted like chicken.

I’m a little bit romantic, a little bit envious, and I admit, I probably will try to impart some advice about where to stay and what to do.

What kind of “adventure supporter” are you?

(And thank-you to Max who decided to sleep in an hour and a half today so I could write a blog post and curl my hair on an early Friday morning!  Happy Olympic opening everyone, and GO CANADA!!!”