I’m usually patient..enough…I’m not saying I am a Saint, but after seven years in the military, I can put up with a fair bit of crap, usually with a smile on my face.  The second I am pregnant, though, any patience I ever had is gone.   In fact, with both pregnancies, one of the biggest signs I had that I was pregnant was my new found power to get annoyed enraged at small  big things.  It ain’t pretty.

Rob hums when he eats. Normally its kinda cute; when I’m pregnant its torture, and results in a “stop huming” murmer that grows to a growl, then a full fledged attack on everything he’s ever done that has ever annoyed me with with every mouthful.

A few weeks ago we had a horrendous hail storm in Ottawa. I had a doctor’s appointment across town. I’ve never been so terrified driving in my life.  I felt like I was in a driving range, and every window on my car was about to crack. I couldn’t see more than a few feet, and every bridge was so jam packed full of cars taking cover, that I thought I should just keep moving rather than become a sitting duck. Plus, the doctor’s office of course would likely charge me for a missed appointment, no matter the reason (and I was supposed to hear the little one’s heartrate for the first time – I was just a tad excited). I arrived and  darted from my car in the pouring rain, instantly becoming soaked. I arrived at the doctor’s office just as the admin was posting a sign that said “ofifce closed due to power outage”. The lights were on. I was a confused drowned rat. “I drove in a crazy storm, to get here” I said, failing to add that my blood pressure is through the roof and I am pregnant. This can’t be good for the baby!

She looked at me and shrugged. “Its closed”.

“Why didn’t you call then?” She ignored my question. “You’ll have to reschedule. In any case your doctor’s not here”.

“Well I am not driving again in this weather” I stated. “I am going to wait here until it stops hailing”.

“Fine” she answered slamming the door.  I sat down, soaking the chair,  and sulked.

Suddenly the lights that were on flickered, and the room started to hum as the “power” came back on.  The door opened and a different admin came out. Looking me up and down, she said “You can go in now, Nicole, the Doctor will see you.”

Victory for the pregnant lady. I’m telling you, don’t even think of messing with me.