So…whaddya think?

A little mom, a little spice, a little exotic?  Are you dreaming of steaming cups of chai? Exotic smells and flavours with a healthy dose of momma blogging on the side?

A new theme, a new name, a new baby in a few months, and a move to the otherside of the world. I think Cardamomma captures this.

Thinking about my adventures in blogging this past year, my writing has taken on a few key themes:

  • Max/Motherhood
  • Travel
  • Food
  • Photography (which I’d like to have way more of!)

I loved blogging under Momma and Max, but with a wee one on the way, I felt I needed a fresh change – and really, momma and max doesn’t really capture what this blog is completely about.  With the new baby and move, Momma and Max just didn’t feel like the right name anymore. So – hello Cardamomma

“Momma” for blogging about life as a scatterbrained mom to a crazy 15 month old and a newborn in 6 months!


“Cardamom” for a few reasons.

1. I am actually obsessed with the spice: I love it and put it in anything and everything that I think it might go with. This takes care of the food angle of the blog.

2.  For our upcoming adventures to India: If I think of cardamom, I often think of delicious chai, piles of colourful spices in the market, exotic smells and flavours. To me cardamom is synonomous with travel, and the one destination it shouts to me more than anywhere else is India.

So let me know what you think! Of the name –  of the blog!  I’ll eventually change the domain name, but will leave it as momma and max just for a little while longer.