One month.

No blog posts.


I’ll leave the excuses, and get writing

First, and most excitingly, we are having a little girl!  We had picked out a name for a boy, but had hardly thought of girl’s names. Now that we know the sex, the thinking has begun, and I keep returning to a name I’ve liked for awhile. I’m going to keep it quiet for just a little while.

There is a problem though.  It just doesn’t sound very good with my husband’s last name (Dutka).  It sounds fabulous (in my opinion) with mine (Lunstead).

I didn’t take Rob’s last name…and we didn’t even consider the hyphenated thing because really, “Lunstead-Dutka” is rather awkward.  There is always the hybrid name to consider…Lunska….or Dunstead?? Um….yah…

We were driving home from a rainy weekend in Quebec City, and I had a thought.  What if she used my last name, and Max uses Rob’s.  We could start a tradition of passing down the mom’s name to daughters, and the dad’s name to sons.  I’ve googled it, and it has been done, and as far as I can tell there are no legal concerns with it…..there are though, a few things to consider:


1.  Traveling/legal documents – how strange would it be traveling with two kids with different last names? If Rob was to travel with her, could this be problematic? Or, probably no more so than me traveling with Max.

2.  Confusion – people might assume that Rob isn’t the dad….schools might not know that Max and ___ are siblings. This could work as an advantage as much as a disadvantage though.

3. The kids might think it’s a little weird to have different last names.

4. Rob doesn’t know his grandparents, and therefore isn’t overly attached to his last name.  He is game for the change.


1. There aren’t many Lunstead’s out  there…so it would be a fabulous way to keep the name and our family tree growing (of course she might change her name one day, but we’ll worry about that in 25 years!).

2. The first name we are thinking sounds really nice with Lunstead.

3. It could be an interesting trend/tradition in this changing world to have a daughter with her mom’s name and a son with his father’s.  It would be a way to connect each child to each side of the family and embrace the 21st century!

4. Rob doesn’t know his grandparents, and therefore isn’t overly attached to his last name.  He is game for the change.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this…good and bad! It’s just an inkling of an idea at this stage, and I definitely have only begun to think of the pros and cons of each, so I’d love to hear your opinions!