In the past, I’ve made traveling with Max seem like a breeze…and really it has been! My little 3 month old, six month old, 1 year old would coo happily, sit and smile and flirt with the pretty girls behind us on the plane.  At 19 months….all of this changed yesterday and we were THAT family. 

A four hour, direct flight is nothing….or so I thought, before it turned into the longest 4 hour flight in the history of air travel. Max was a little “off” this week. A little  lot sick, a little lot tired, a little   lot whiny, a little lot like a devil child I’d never met. 

I wasn’t a heck of a lot better….my belly is getting so big I can’t sit in an airplane seat and pick something up in front of me.  I was feeling pretty naseous and doing everything I could to stop from puking all over the plane, not to mention feeling pretty tired.  A whiny Max and bitchy, tired Nicole is not a good combination for air travel…(to the poor man with the perfectly behaved children sitting in the aisle seat – I am sorry!! and on that point, I’ll also apologize to poor Rob who has been putting up with a lot from both of us).  

Needless to say, Rob was on Max patrol, and I was on trying not to puke all over the plane patrol (memories of my Guatemala honeymoon while pregnant).  Mr. Overtired. Max. decided it was his job to make make every minute of the flight as trying as possible.  He screamed, he thrashed, he threw things.  Rob walked him up and down the aisle to no avail. We fed him anything and everything.  We suffered the glares of all the other passengers whose children must understand that Santa is coming and that they had to be on their best behaviour. At last,    the screaming stopped and I looked back to see Max and Rob coming on the aisle:  Max had a look of total victory over his face and Rob, one of complete defeat. Some passenger had shoved a big red lollipop in Max’s face, and the burst of sugar which I knew we would pay for later, had done the trick . After that,  Max sat for a good hour on Rob’s lap sucking his sucker, and looking at me with the “I win Mommy” look, a stranger knows what I want more than you do. 

I can’t wait to see the gong show which is going to be our trip to India next summer with a two year old and a 6 month old….actually I can wait….I am terrified!