I’ve been pretty laissez-faire about my hospital bag.  It still isn’t packed, but I have piled one or two things on the floor in the spare room (tea and a blanket).  Progress?

With Max’s induction, nothing really happened for the first 24 hours.  This meant I actually had some quality one-on-one time with Rob.  I read “the Help”, we snuck out to the Harvey’s across the street for lunch (which was delicious next to the hospital food), and I either kicked Rob’s butt at scrabble….or he let me win.  We brought our own kettle and tea. We’d originally planned a home birth, so although a lot of these things were rather frivolous, it made the hospital feel a little bit like home to me.

This time will likely be a little more chaotic.  Rob is away for work until I give him the call to let him know I am being induced.  Max’s life is going to be disrupted enough, so although Rob will definitely be there when things get intense and I need someone to yell at, there is no need for him to just be hanging out at the hospital waiting for something to happen. 

 Since I’ll likely be induced again, it is time to think about what to bring to make my stay more comfortable, without going overboard. Last time I was able to leave about 3 hours after Max’s birth because I had a midwife. Unfortunately, this time since I don’t have a midwife,  I’ve been told to expect to stay about 48 hours after the birth. With the induction, I am counting on at least another 24 hours before hand which means 3 whole sleepless nights in the hospital.  Boo.  With Max, I brought a few things I didn’t use, but there were also a few things I was really glad I had (and some of these surprised me).   

Here is what I’m thinking of bringing, but I’d love to hear what your “must haves” were or if you think I might be forgetting something. 

For Momma:

1.  Yak wool blanket from Nepal.  Ok. I admit, this is the strangest number one you could ever have, but I was SO happy I had it with Max. When I was in labour, I was steaming hot, then freezing cold.  Poor Rob’s life purpose was reduced to putting the blanket on my between contractions, and taking it off when they started.  It is my adult version of a blankie, and I was so happy to have it!

2.  Tea or something nice to drink.  My Hindi teacher recently gave me some delicious powder chai which you just add water to. This is definitely being packed! 

3. Diapers for me – and the baby.  Yep. Folkes. If you haven’t had a baby, this is the reality.  Once your water breaks, you leak and leak.  Next to what the hospital gives you, “Depends” never looked or felt so good. 

4. A nightgown or two with buttons in the front (for nursing).  With Max I brought some clothes for labouring in.  This turned into a mistake as as the contractions increased, my modesty went out the window and I pretty much grimaced around the room naked.  I think in the end all I had on was a half on sports bra which was completely useless and rather uncomfortable. Labour fantasies aside, it sure ain’t pretty.

5. Toiletries – toothbrush, toothpaste, nice smelling stuff, shampoo, conditioner etc., hairbrush, elastics and a headband.  A shower never felt so good (or needed) as after having Max.  

6. ipod with good ole Bon Jovi pump up/relax music (or whatever your more updated musical tastes might be). 

7. A good book!

8. An IPad or Board Games if you are being induced and have time to kill.

9. Slippers/warm socks

10. Your own pillow to make the hospital bed more comfy if you are picky about this sort of thing.

11. Lanolin cream

12. A nursing bra or two.

13. Going home clothes (unfortunately, likely your maternity clothes, or something loose land comfy like lululemons).

14.  Camera and charger, maybe the video camera and charger, as well as your cellphone and charger. And don’t forget to take lots of photos! Rob got a few of me and Max, but we failed to take one of the three of us at the hospital, and I really regret this! 

15.  A few little treats. I think I might track down some Chocolate and Haribo gummies.

16. Breast pads

17. Lip chap/lip balm

18. Bath Robe

And for the baby

1.  Receiving blanket

2.  Warm hat (although the hospital will give you one, there is a good chance here it will be -20 when she goes home!)

3.  Something warm for the way home like a snowsuit.  We have one of those car seat/blanket snuggly things.

4. Car seat – installed.

5. 2-3 sleepers

6. Maybe an outfit or two if you’ll be at the hospital awhile.

7. Newborn diapers (I imagine the hospital will have these on hand, but in any case, you might want to pack a few). 

Enough procrastinating…..time to pack….hmm…maybe a wee nap first…..