Since we are India bound in a few months, as much as I wanted to make a perfect little nursery I had to keep this urge in check with reality.  Why spend money on something that you are hardly going to use?  But, I still feel like it is important that my little gal has a little place that I can call hers – she won’t care, but I do… we went about creating a nursery on a dime…while keeping in consideration that we are looking at renting our place, so a bright fucsia room might turn off potential tenants. We had a few things already which significantly reduced the cost, but still, don’t be afraid to look at what you already have, or ask around and see what others aren’t using.


Slowly, piece by piece, the room started to take shape.  I’ve got to say, I am pretty happy with the result especially given that the whole room was done for under $250, largely with odds and ends and items passed on from our families.  Don’t be afraid to ask your parents what they might have hanging around from your childhood. You never know what treasures might be packed away, and this adds a really nice touch to the baby’s room.

1.  Old Lace Tablecloth turned into a Crib Skirt – $0.   This tablecloth was in a pile of things I had from my grandmother.  We don’t have a dining room table, and I don’t think the lace would go with our dining room in any case.  No sewing was required. I just tucked in the edges.



2. Globe (Home Sense $10) and Old Medicine Bag (Value Village $5)


Image3. Vintage Rocking Chair – (Kijijii $40 but gift from my mom so, 0$)


4. Blankets –  The blanket hanging on the rocking chair was made for my sister and I as babies.  It is so nice to be using it again 30 years later.  The one in the crib was given to Rob as a baby.

5. Buckets and Bins – The fabulous brown and beige bin was a gift…and I’d love to match it with more similar ones.  The others were odds and ends sitting around the house not being used.  I’d like to get some that match a bit better, but these ones do the trick, so it is hard to justify going to buy more.

6. Posters – Etsy, The Pickle Shop 15$ each.  The Pickle Shop has a huge selection of awesome vintage travel posters. Since we are India bound, we chose 3 with an India theme.  I can’t wait to put them up!  

India Travel Poster -Etsy - The Pickle Shop
India Travel Poster -Etsy – The Pickle Shop

7. Frames – Sherwin Williams Wolfskein. We had these black frames in our old house, and they didn’t have a home in our new one.  Black wouldn’t have matched the room, so I used some of our  left over WolfSkein from our old house to give them a fresh, old, look.

8. Sherwin Williams – Shagreen  $100 (approx).  This is part of Sherwin Williams Nursery Collection.  We didn’t do a trial of the colour which is something I normally do, but, the salesperson told me it was such a nice green, and turns out so well that we just went with it, and I’m glad we did!  It is perfect for a little girl, little boy, or even for a calming study.

9. Iris Picture – Gift  – This was a gift, painted by my aunt, and given to Rob and I for our wedding.  The colours go so perfect in this room! I love it.

10.  Teddy Bank – This was a gift given for my sister and I from a colleague of my mom’s 31 years ago. Image

11. Rag Rug – So if I wonder where my time has gone the last few weeks this is it.  We needed a carpet to warm up the room, and I didn’t want to spend too much on it.  I thought that an old fashion rag rug would work perfect.  I looked on Kijjii and Etsy, and what I found I either didn’t like, or was way too small and expensive.  Rob had a great solution…make it yourself. But, I’m not crafty and I don’t crochet, nor have I ever. Once upon a time my grandma tried to teach me to knit and it was such a lost cause she promptly gave up.  Luckily, the rustic look leaves lots of room for “mistakes” and the crochet stich is pretty easy once you get the hang of it.  I followed this tutorial on Sugar Bee Crafts to get started.  The final product is far from perfect, and I learned a fair bit as I went a long, but hey, for a first time crocheter, and  uncrafty gal, it ain’t bad if I don’t say so myself. (Old cloths, bed sheets, blankets from Value Village – $40).


12.  Antique Camera  – It isn’t in the photos yet, but I think the finishing touch will be an old camera that was my grandpa’s that my dad will be bringing down.

13.  Drapery – The drapery was from our old house and we hadn’t put it up yet in the new one.  The colours matched perfect in the room.  We had to buy curtain rods – $40 – Bouclair).

Now for the final touch…just a baby!  Any day now!