We are off on our very first Family Adventure this weekend. I feel like I’ve missed winter, and Rob came back from one day of downhill skiing on top of the world.  Rob and I have amazing memories of a trip to Jay Peak we did when we first started dating. Not wanting to go to Tremblant, the close by and probably smart option, we decided to make a run for Sugarbush in Vermont. My mom is able to come with us and help with the kids, so we decided to make a go of it. 

That was of course after the only decent night sleep I’ve had in awhile…..It seemed like a good idea at the time. Since booking, some of the excitement has turned into slight terror at the thought that everything could, and very well might go wrong:

Freya is a groaner.  That is to say at about 2AM, 2:30 if we are lucky, she decides it is time to grunt and groan like it’s nobodies business. This means no one in her vicinity will sleep.  Is skiing really going to be fun if we (including Max) have been up all night? These days, Poor Max has now taken to going right up to her and mimicking her not so lady-like noises.  

Tantrums: Max is a perfectly behaved almost two-year old. That is, of course, between tantrums.  When he doesn’t sleep (because he’ll be in the same room as his grunting and groaning sister) the probability of tantrums will increase significantly. Perhaps the secret to a great trip will be being able to read his mind about his every wish and desire. This can be pretty tricky. I realized yesterday that when I put (children’s) toothpaste on his toothbrush and handed it to him resulting in him throwing himself on the floor, what he was saying was  “Mommy you didn’t put enough toothpaste on it” (i’m pretty proud of myself for figuring this one out).  The second tactic will be not using the word “no” all weekend because this is definitely an option with a 22 month old who gets into everything and anything.  Luckily my mom is coming, and Max thinks she is his best buddy ever. He is always  happy and well behaved when she is around. 

That whole in awful shape thing: And me…well…I’m about as far from downhill skiing shape as anyone could be.  These last five weeks have been a lot rougher than I had planned. I’ve had some unexpected twists and turns including 3 bouts of mastitis that had me in bed for days at a time and another few days feeling pretty weak and recovering. I’ll be happy to do a green run or two, and just gulp in some fresh air…and um rain. Apparently it is supposed to rain the whole time we are there. 

But, hey, who knows, everything could go wrong, or maybe, just maybe, the travel gods will smile upon us, maybe the two kids will be as happy as can be in their car seats for five hours, maybe we’ll get great powder and  maybe Freya will sleep through the night.  

P.S . My old camera called it quits a few weeks ago…and if all goes well, I am going to have a shiny new (and very fancy, and way above my level) Canon 6D in time to get some shots this weekend! After the third bought of mastitis, I thought I totally deserved it.