Blog? What blog?  I was just looking for a link to a list of favourite momma things that I wrote once upon a time. Of course, it took me awhile to find, which allowed me to see all of the little ancedotes and pictures I’d taken of my now (and then) crazy two year old. I’ve become more than just a tad emotional, and very grateful that I took the time to write, to share, and to capture these wonderful moments that get buried under diaper changes, moves, going back to work, and prepping dinner. Now, I am regretting not writing more about Freya or Max these days. It has been a wonderfully busy few months and I’ve gotten to know and love my sweet little girl more than I could have imagined. We’ve had some great adventures – a trip to BC, camping, and just hanging out getting chores done, changing diapers, and singing out of tune. Just when I thought that perhaps my blogging days were done, I realize that through capturing snapshots of our life on this blog, I’ve preserved a little bit of the ups and downs, the craziness, and the chaos of life with two little ones and a vow to keep exploring.

Max and Birthday Cake Batter


P.S Hopefully future posts will be a litte more exciting than this! With kids getting up at 5AM these days, and a week where I am on a course all day, I can’t believe I am still awake and will likely be kicking myself for it tomorrow!