We’ve been eating our way around Iceland. Not only is the food delicious, no one wants to struggle to chase after two kids in 4 degrees and raining weather to make mediocre camping food. Iceland’s delicious kaffihus’ and cafes have been our go to place for delicious food, warmth, wonderful people, and the coziest eclectic dining area you could imagine. Oh yah, and did I mention that even the fanciest of restaurants have toys for Max? Victory complete.

I have to admit before this season’s episode of Masterchef (I won’t say what happened if you haven’t watched it) I’d never heard of langoustine.   Neither had Max. In fact, we are working on our ABCs and counting to 6, so I’m pretty sure he couldn’t begin to pronounce it:\ˌlaŋ-gə-ˈstēn\.  Just because you can’t say it though, doesn’t mean your not going to love it.

Langoustine or Nephrops norvegicus, is also known as  Norway lobster or Dublin Bay prawn. They are a smaller lobster like crustaceans that are found in the North Eastern Atlantic and grow up to 25 cm long. If you ask me they look like a giant shrimp-lobster hybrid.

A few days ago we stopped at the Pakkhus Restaurant in Hofn for lunch. Hofn is the “langoustine” capital of Iceland, so we of course had to try some of these clawed crustaceans.  Since it was only lunch we opted for two langoustine soups and a langoustine pizza because hey, what two year old won’t eat pizza?

The soup arrived and Max plopped himself down on Rob’s lap.  Maybe we’ll give him just a touch of soup we thought blowing on it to cool the creamy pinkish-orange cream. One taste and Max’s eyes lit up. He grabbed the spoon from Rob and dug right in.  The soup had healthy chunks of langoustine floating in it. Max immediately sought them out and devoured them before  Rob could wrestle a few pieces of the precious meat away. Max slurped and sipped his way through Rob’s bowl.  I’d been busy feeding trying to keep Freya (the screaming solid food devouring monster) quiet.  When Max saw that my bowl was still full with chunks of langoustine, he squealed with glee,  asked to “up” “up” on to my lap and began to fight me for my soup.

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When the pizza came, Max reached for and picked off the langoustine chunks.

The kids got a new found love for langoustine.  With India around the corner, I wonder what delicacies he is going to devour?