If I had all the time in the world, I’d spend a lot more of it writing and blogging and taking pictures.  Yes – about two years back, I had novel writing ambitions that got put on the back burner, where the flame is still slowly burning. I had a few minutes on my mat leave (between packing boxes and preparing for the big move to India)  that I though I might pick it up again, but didn’t want to put the pressure on myself to write when there was so much craziness going on. So I made a compromise. I decided to write a book for Max’s birthday present. It wasn’t quite done for his birthday, and he couldn’t care less about it, but I’m a wee bit proud, so thought I would share it here.

Since I can’t even draw stick figures I used Topaz Simplify (the most amazing program) to turn my photos into illustrations  and self published with Blurb– and also recruited the help of a very talented young lady in a class that my grandfather was volunteering with.


Here is a link to the final book on Blurb

The PDF version:

I would love to hear your thoughts on it (minus the fact I failed in some of my proof reading 🙂