A year ago I was 38 weeks pregnant, waiting for the arrival of little miss Freya,  writing about what was in my hospital bag and cursing Rob for disappearing in the hight of winter with a broken furnace and plummeting temperatures. I didn’t appreciate it at the time, but life was calm, quiet and easy. That I actually had time to blog tells me how much life has changed for the chaotic. Enter Freya. Enter India.

Today, as I was rushing home from work my hand reached into my purse.  I  must have been looking for my Blackberry as it had probably been about 90 seconds since I checked it, and god knows what earth-shattering emails I might have gotten in the 90 seconds I wasn’t glued to the screen.  I pulled out a pile of random crap – and it hit me, fast forward 1000 years in the future and some archealogist/anthropologist might discover my purse and perfectly deduct every aspect of my life. Forget Facebook and the Internet….the odds and ends that are encapsulated in my purse are all anyone needs to place together the clues pointing to a frazzled and busy working mom who loves to travel (but am wondering if I will ever take a trip with the kids again given our current pukes per trip (PPT) average) and tries to fool the world into thinking that she doesn’t show up to work with smooshed bananas on her pants and mysterious goober on her shirt.

1. Diapers. Yep.  There’s two. A large and a medium – one for each kid, but both could probably work for either in a crunch.  Who knows how long they’ve been there – but one day, when I do need them, I will experience the pure joy knowing that I was too lazy to take them out of my purse.

2. A wipe….a used wipe. A wipe with mysterious brown guck that I really hope is chocolate (not that I would bribe my kids with chocolate…).  It could probably be reused if we really found ourselves in a desperate situation. There is a second less usable wipe that should probably make it’s way to the garbage right now.

3.  Dinky cars. Like really? What 30-something doesn’t keep dinky cars in her purse? Next time a meeting gets boring, I’ll just whip them out and start flying them off the end of the table. Max would approve….well as long as Mommy gets the yellow one.

4. Tupperware with missing lids (so replaced by saran wrap) which once had protein powder in it. Some days, between sneaking chocolate and glasses of wine I try to be healthy.  Sometimes I even make it to the gym. Really! Like two weeks ago.  The missing lid tells you that my mornings are too chaotic to even being to try and make a match.

5. Business Cards. Self explanatory….I might forget who I am.

6. Three containers of lip gloss. I never wear lip gloss. I want to wear lip gloss. I have every intention of wearing lip gloss. Sometimes I put it on in the morning and think that I’ll reapply at some opportune moment before heading into a meeting during the day and throw it into my purse.  The lip gloss never leaves my purse, and a week later I have the same intention and so the years of lip gloss containers in my bathroom make their way into my purse, never to see the light of day until one morning, I have no more lip gloss in my bathroom, so I empty my purse of lip gloss and the vicious circle begins again.

7. Boarding Pass from our trip to Leh. I’d say it is a reminder of a wonderful trip, but these days I can’t remember the last trip that we went on that no one puked….the reality is it is just another piece of paper waiting to be filed or make its way to the garbage and a reminder of the dreams I still have of a puke free vacation.

8. Blackberry/IPhone. When I haven’t misplaced them – I am thrilled to find them in my purse. They double as child entertainment.

9. Random Rupees.  Living in India, I’ve had to adjust to using cash.  As such, I tend to stockpile rupees in every nook and cranny.  It comes in handy, especially when I realize I’ve been carrying my purse around all day, and my….

10. Wallet is no where to be found. Yep. I think this is the defining description of my scattered life right now. I carry my purse full of dinky cars and diapers, rupees and lipgloss, and I only noticed as I started to write this post that my wallet is nowhere to be found.