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Iceland Essentials – Ring Road Roadtripping with a toddler and 6 month old

We just finished a fabulous 16 day road-trip in Iceland. We  navigated the ring road, and jaunted out to the Westfjords and Snaefellsness penninsula (say that three times fast) with Freya (6 months) and Max (27 months). Oh yah. And... Continue Reading →


For the Love of Langoustine

We've been eating our way around Iceland. Not only is the food delicious, no one wants to struggle to chase after two kids in 4 degrees and raining weather to make mediocre camping food. Iceland's delicious kaffihus' and cafes have... Continue Reading →

Let’s Just Move Around the World

Just over a year ago, having just learned I was pregnant and with a one year old, I thought that preparing for a move to the other side of the world, kids and husband in tow, would be a breeze.... Continue Reading →

Enter Iceland – Traveling like I never thought we would again!

Move across the world via Iceland:  T - 2 weeks. I may be on mat leave, but with all the pre-departure preparations, I feel like I need a holiday before I start work.  The problem is, with kids, planning every... Continue Reading →

Tropical Chip Cookies – Before there was me, there was Gordon

Before there was me, there was Gordon (Ramsay).  He was there in the form of a spicy shrimp pilaf on our first date.  For our first Valentine's day together Rob bought me a nice peugot pepper grinder, and I bought... Continue Reading →

Military College Recruit Term and My Current Life. A Little Too Close for Comfort.

Life is as crazy as crazy gets these days. Our house is up for rent. We have a million and one appointments. I'm running from place to place for meetings, language class, and appointments feeding Freya and changing diapers in... Continue Reading →

You know your kids have taken over your life when…..

10.   You have second thoughts about going to a party that starts at 7PM. Who goes out that late?9. You look forward to doing laundry.  It is an excuse to relax and have a movie playing in the background... Continue Reading →

Just like that – we were a family of four (The Story of Freya’s Birth)

Four months have passed since we welcomed fabulous Freya to the world, and regrettably some of the details of the days leading to her birth are slowly, and sadly starting to fade buried under "to-do" lists and piles of laundry.... Continue Reading →

“You Don’t Look Like a Mom”

I'm "back at work" this week. Sort of. I'm on a course, which means struggling to focus and pay attention when I'm really wondering how Freya is doing, and scribbling down "to do" lists for our upcoming move. I've been... Continue Reading →

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